jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

★16★ Review#1

Hello people!!

It's my first Little review!


I'm going to speak about Dolly Wink Eye liner deep black!

I love this eye liner because it's very easy to use...

It’s like a pencil, very light and drip less

(different lines)

This eye liner remember me a Japanese brush, makes a very clean lines and depending on theinclination of the eye liner can make fat or slim lines.

(japanese brush)

(eye liner brush)

My sister used it yesterday, said “I love it, is very easy and I like make lines in different thickness”

I bought it on EBAY, it cost me aprox. 16$

In my opinion, (max 5 min. 1)

Now, tell me your opinion about Dolly wink eye liner!

7 comentarios:

  1. que ojos mas bonicos tienes!! >__< me encantan tus lenses!!

    Tengo ganas de probar ese eyeliner, tiene toda la buena pinta!! *__*

  2. Me encanta la foto!!! *____*
    Y tiene muy buena pinta, hace ya un tiempo que me quería comprar un eyeliner de ese tipo ><

    Besitoss <333

  3. q ojazosss!!!!
    a mi tambien me encanta este eyerliner aparte q se seca rapidiiisimo y dura muchas horas ^^

  4. Me gusta mucgo tu blog!

    Te agrego ^__^



  5. Thank you so much for the review ^^ I was actually passing by a shop that sold this, so I was wondering about it ^^

  6. wow i totally love the lens!!!

    you llok so cute XD i followed your blog :3 i hope you can follow mine too 8D